Puri (Fried Mini Flatbread): Week 4 October 2019

Prep Time: 10 mins   Total Time: 60 mins Serves: 8 servings

Ingredients:   Resource from Roy Den

4 cups Atta (whole wheat flour)

Salt to taste (about 1 tsp) Water as needed (roughly 1.5 cups) 


Step 1: Pour flour and salt into a bowl. Make a small hole in the center of the bowl and keep adding water while mixing a little bit of flour till you get a dough that is stretchy and elastic but not sticky (which means too much water, so you’ll need to add some more flour) 

Step 2: Make dough into small balls the size of a golf ball. 

Step 3: On a floured surface roll out the balls with a rolling pin into a flat tortilla shape and thickness. 

Step 4: Take a mason jar lid and place on the dough that is rolled to tortilla shape and thickness. Cut out a circle from the dough. This is a puri shape which are prefect rounds. 

Step 5: Deep fry puri in hot oil, about 30 seconds each side till puffed and then flip over. Step 6: Place on paper towel to absorb excess oil before serving


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